The laboratory of Dr. Yu Wang in the Department of Neurology at the University of Michigan is seeking Postdoctoral Fellows/Research Scientists to molecular, cellular, and circuits mechanisms of focal cortical epilepsy. We employ state-of-the-art approaches to identify the underlying pathogenesis of malformation of cortical development and epilepsy. We are asking: 1) How does tri-glial dysregulation contribute to epileptogenesis, disease progression, and co-morbidities; 2) What is the neural basis of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy; 3) How does refractory epilepsy lead to focal hypometabolism and vascular dysgenesis.


The lab belongs to several Michigan Ph.D. programs and may accept rotation students at any time of year. Please e-mail Dr. Yu Wang at to discuss a possible rotation. Advance notice (one month or more) is preferred.


Please send an e-mail with a short note about your interest in our lab, your CV, and a transcript to Dr. Yu Wang at


We have openings for technicians and lab manager.